Atharva Veda: Book 1

Translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith [1895-6]

  1. Hymn 1: A prayer to Vāchaspati for divine illumination and help.
  2. Hymn 2: A charm against dysentery
  3. Hymn 3: A charm against constipation and suppression of urine
  4. Hymn 4: To the waters, for the prosperity of cattle
  5. Hymn 5: To the waters, for strength and power
  6. Hymn 6: To the waters, for health and wealth
  7. Hymn 7: To Indra and Agni, for the detection and destruction of evil spirits
  8. Hymn 8: To Indra, Brihaspati, Soma and Agni, for the destruction of sorcerers
  9. Hymn 9: Benediction on a King at his inauguration
  10. Hymn 10: Absolution of a sinner after intercession with Varuna
  11. Hymn 11: A charm to be used at childbirth
  12. Hymn 12: A prayer to Lightning, against fever, headache, and cough
  13. Hymn 13: A prayer to Lightning, for happiness
  14. Hymn 14: A woman’s incantation against a rival
  15. Hymn 15: A prayer for the prosperity of an institutor of sacrifice
  16. Hymn 16: A prayer and charm against demons
  17. Hymn 17: A charm to be used at venesection
  18. Hymn 18: A charm to avert evil spirits of misfortune and to secure prosperity
  19. Hymn 19: A prayer for protection from arrows and for the punishment of enemies
  20. Hymn 20: A prayer to Soma, the Maruts, Mitra, and Varuna, for protection
  21. Hymn 21: A prayer to Indra for protection
  22. Hymn 22: A charm against jaundice
  23. Hymn 23: A charm against leprosy
  24. Hymn 24: A charm against leprosy
  25. Hymn 25: A prayer to fever, as a charm against his attacks
  26. Hymn 26: A charm to obtain invisibility
  27. Hymn 27: A prayer for protection, guidance, and prosperity
  28. Hymn 28: A prayer to Agni for the destruction of evil spirits
  29. Hymn 29: A charm to secure the supremacy of a dethroned King
  30. Hymn 30: A benediction on a King at his consecration
  31. Hymn 31: A prayer for protection and general prosperity
  32. Hymn 32: In praise of Heaven and Earth
  33. Hymn 33: To the Waters, for health and happiness
  34. Hymn 34: A young man’s love-charm
  35. Hymn 35: A charm to ensure long life and glory to the wearer of an amulet