Ravana Statue
Ravana Statue

He got his name Ravan from Lord Shiva. Ravana was so powerful, he could even interfere with planetary alignments.

Ravan as known as Ravana ruled Lankapura Alias Malendura was the Capital City of the country during the period. It was believed that this place was covered by three mountains. According to the inscriptions, the extent of this Kingdom was larger than the present Sri Lanka’s land area. However, in terms of some legends, it was stated that part of a present Sri Lanka land was ruled by this kingdom.

Ravana was Brahma’s great-grandson

Visravas (Ravan’s father) was the famous rishi, who himself was a son of Prajapati Pulastya, one of Brahma’s ten ‘mind-born’ sons. Ravan’s grand-father Prajapati Pulastya was one of Brahma’s ten psychologically born sons. So, as a result, Ravan was Brahma’s Greatgrandson. He is also the Half-Brother of Kuber- God of Wealth. 

Ravana was well-aware of his impending doom.

Why Ravana had 10 heads?

During his penance, Ravana chopped off his head 10 times as a sacrifice to appease Brahma. Ravana did not have 10 heads, But he used to wear a necklace that was made by his father (the great sage) Visharava, which used to reflect light when worn and made an illusion of ten heads. But in actuality, he had an infinite number of heads, which is the reason lord Ram killed him by piercing his navel with his arrow instead of beheading him.