Aswani Kumareshwar Temple, Varanasi

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Deity:Aswani Kumareshwar
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
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This ling is referred to as Aswaniyeshwar in Kashi Khand which mentions two Lings. According to Kashi Khand, Surya was born to Kashyap and Dakshayani. Surya married Sangya, who was very devoted to her husband, as is expected of dutiful wives.

In due course, two sons and one daughter were born to them. The first one was a boy named Vaivasvathamanu, second again a boy named Yamraj and third was a girl named Yamuna. However, Sangya somehow felt that the heat emanating from Surya was increasingly becoming unbearable.

Sangya created a clone of herself who was named Chhaya (shadow). She was an alter ego (splitting image) of Sangya. Under instructions from Sangya, Chhaya was to perform the role of Sangya, spend her life as wife of Surya, without disclosing the secret to any one. She was also expected to take good care of the above three children. After getting an assurance from Chhaya, Sangya went away to her father’s house.

After some time, Chhaya gave birth to three children of which the second one was Shani. But once her own children were born she started showing lesser and lesser love to the children of Sangya. Surya came to know about this and got extremely angry whereupon, Chhaya divulged the secret. However, considering her innocence, Surya pardoned her.

Surya went in search of Sangya who was undergoing severe and intense penance. Due to poor eating and fasting her body had assumed the shape of a mare and Surya disguised himself as a horse (Ashwa in Sanskrit). In this state, two children were born to them who were twins and came to be known as Aswani Kumars. They are also the divine physicians. Surya later pardoned Sangya also. (Kashi Khand Chapter 17).

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In due course, the Aswani Kumars installed two lings which are collectively known as Aswaniyeshwar (Aswani Kumareshwar) and a devotee who worships these Lings will receive all kinds of blessings. (Kashi Khand, Chapter 97).


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The temple is located at House No. Ck.2/26, Opp. Ganga Mahal, Bhosala Ghat, Varanasi. One can travel upto Chowk by Cycle Rickshaw and walk to this place via Sankata Devi Temple (famous landmark). Alternatively, devotees can approach the place by boat upto Bhosala Ghat and climb up the steps.

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