Atharva Veda: Book 1 – Hymn 13

A prayer to Lightning, for happiness

1 Homage to thee, the Lightning’s flash, homage to thee, the
Thunder’s roar!
Homage to thee, the Stone which thou hurlest against the

2 Homage to thee, Child of the Flood whence thou collectest fer-
vent heat!
Be gracious to our bodies, give our children happiness and

3 Yea, homage be to thee, O Offspring of the Flood! Homage we
pay to thee, the dart and fiery flame:
For well we know thy secret and sublimest home, where thou as
central point art buried in the sea.

4 Thou, Arrow, which the host of Gods created, making it strong
and mighty for the shooting,
Be gracious, lauded thus, to our assembly. To thee, that Arrow,.
be our homage, Goddess!