Avari Aawari Mata Ji Temp
Avari Aawari Mata Ji Temp

Avari Mata Temple is a popular Temple of Hindus. This Avari Mata Ji Temple is also called Aawari Mata Ji temple and also it is among the popular Temples of Rajasthan. The temple is dedicated to goddess Avari Mata and also the temple the Aasawara town. The temple is beautifully cleared up in between hills as well as waterfalls.


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Avari Mata templeAvari Mata temple is in Bhadesar tehsil of Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan. Located in an area with hills and springs in the village of Aasawara, it has one pond and a temple to Hanuman. Traditionally, it has been visited by people seeking a cure for paralysis and polio.


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