Battisa in hindi literally means 32 pillared temple.

This temple is dedicated to Bhagwaan Shiv. As per the inscriptions available in the temple, this temple was constructed in 1209 AD (Shaka Samvat 1130) by the Ganga Mahadevi, Queen of Nagavanshi ruler Someshwara Deva.

In the two pavilions here, the king and the queen worshipped Lord Shiva separately. There are two sacred Shivling of lord Shiva established in two pre-arranged temples of this predominantly temple and a statue of Nandi is established in the pavilion in front of them. This temple is highly regarded as a holy pilgrimage site in Chhattisgarh. Famous for appearance and its ancient sculpture.

Battisa Temple is one of the rarest Hindu temples with two garbhagrihas.

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How to reach

This temple is located 33 kilometers from Dantewada.

It is located at Barsur, which is approx 100 km from Jagdalpur. You can take a cab to reach here.

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