Tawang district has a long tradition of nunneries called “AniGompas”, which are the abode of nuns.

Unlike the monks (Lamas), the girls become nuns and join the nunnery on their own and there is no social pressure or tradition making the practice compulsory.

Brama Dung Chung Ani Gompa (nunnery) is the oldest Ani gompa (nunnery) in Tawang district.

It is situated in the lap of a far off mountain laced with natural scenery and just 9-km from the main town.

This nunnery was constructed by a Lama named Karchen Yeshi Gelek from Tsang province of Tibet in 1595 CE.

Presently there are forty five (‘Anis’) nuns in this Monastery. Being very poor, the inhabitants of Brahmadungchung Ani Gompa depend on begging for sustaining themselves


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