2018-03-23, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Peruvalanallur, Trichy
2018-03-23, Brihadeeswarar Temple, Peruvalanallur, Trichy

Brihadeeswarar Temple, Peruvalanallur, Trichy

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Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
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Brihadeeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Peruvalanallur in Trichy District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is believed to be 1300 years old and was built by Pallavas during Parameswaravarman reign.


Legend / Local stories

Parameswaravarman Pallava reign was marked by revived conflicts with the Chalukya, led by Vikramaditya I who had fought against his grandfather and was now allied with many rulers. In 674 CE the two armies met at Peruvalanallur near Tiruchirappalli and Parameswaravarman was victorious stupendously despite facing a huge coalition. The Sanskrit epigraphs released on this occasion say that the emperor completely annihilated the army.

Presiding Deity is called as Brihadeeswarar and Mother is called as Brihan Nayaki / Periya Nayaki. There are separate shrines for Vinayakar, Murugan, Dhakshinamoorthy, Durgai Amman, Sandikeswarar and Navagrahas in the Temple. Special feature of Navagrahas in this temple is that, all the Grahas are facing towards the Sun God in the centre of the shrine.

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Peruvalanallur is situated between Puvalur and Pullambadi on Trichy – Chennai Highway. The Temple is located at about 3.5 Kms from Puvalur, 5 Kms from Kattur Railway Station, 8 Kms from Lalgudi, 10 Kms from Pullambadi, 30 Kms from Trichy and 35 Kms from Trichy Airport.

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