Chamba Temple, Ladakh, Chamba Temple, Ladakh
Chamba Temple, Ladakh, Chamba Temple, Ladakh

According to the Eschatology of Buddhism which states the final events in history in the Buddhist viewpoint, Buddha supposed that all his teachings, particularly those on moral behavior would be disappear after 5000 years of its commencement and his reincarnation Maitreya would be born again and attain enlightenment and re-teach ‘The Dharma’ all over again. Buddhists await the coming of Maitreya. In this Endeavour the Buddhists have constructed several temples for Maitreya. This white Chamba Temple was built by King Tragspa Bumde in the 15th Century.


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BY RAIL – The nearest railway station to Chamba is Pathankot railway station. It is located at a distance of 103 km. from outside the railway station, cab services and buses are available to reach Chamba.


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