220px-Dharakote_jagannathemple, Dharakote, Ganjam, Odisha
220px-Dharakote_jagannathemple, Dharakote, Ganjam, Odisha

Dharakote, Ganjam, Odisha

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District:: Ganjam

Dharakote is a block in Ganjam district in the Indian state of Odisha. The Jagannath Temple and Dharakote Maharaja Palace are located here.Dharakote is famous for Lord Sri Jagannath temple. The Dharakote Temple looks similar to Puri Temple. Ekadasi Cart festival is famous among in this district as all well known about this. Around 40k-70k people visit this festival.


This is a 600-year-old palace of the King of Dharakote. The palace is situated just beside the Jagannath Temple.

Rani Sulakhyana Gitanjali Devi is the present Rani Saheb of Dharakote since 28 May 2010.

Legend / Local stories

It is said that Raja Jaganath Singh (1788/1830) on returning to his Palace after a hunt, saw a ray of light coming from inside a hut. The Raja entered the hut and saw a holy man meditating in front of a fire. The Holy man told the Raja that this was the place where Rani Chandama Devi had committed Sati. The Raja was impressed and immediately ordered the construction of a Math over that place, and later descendants of the Dharakote Royal family have kept the flame burning ever since, with the task of keeping the flame alive being entrusted to the Head Priests of the Math. The fire, known popularly as Sati Chita (Sati’s Pyre) is tended to by a Mahant (Head Priest) at Sathi Math which is built on 9 acres of land at the entrance of Dharakote fort.

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