Gopi-Govind-300x225, Gopi Govind Temple, Varanasi
Gopi-Govind-300x225, Gopi Govind Temple, Varanasi

Gopi Govind Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity: Gopi Govind
Architectural style: Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Varanasi
District:: Varanasi
 In Gopi Govind Teerth Lord Vishnu is present in the form of Gopi Govind.
Worshippers of Gopi Govind shall always be blessed by Lord Vishnu. The aforementioned Teerth is not in existence now.


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Gopi Govind is located at K.4/24, Lal Ghat near Birla Sanskrit Vidhyalaya, Birla House. Devotees can travel upto Bhaironath or Machhodari in a rickshaw and walk on foot to the place of Gopi Govind. Alternatively, they can travel by boat upto Lal Ghat and climb the steps. This temple also houses Narayani Devi (Lakshmi Devi) which has reference in Kashi Khand, Chapter 70.

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