Julfa Mata Temple, Nangal
Julfa Mata Temple, Nangal

Julfa Mata Temple is situated in a small town of Nangal, in the district of Rupnagar, in the state of Punjab, in Northwest India. It is one of the fifty one Shako Peethas. According to the local legends and religious scholars, it is strongly believed that the hair of the deity fell at this particular spot It is an ancient Hindu temple that has a lot of religious significance related to North India. This shrine is located atop the hill range of Nangal — Hambewal road in the Shivalik hills. It is just five kilometers away from Nangal Township. This temple is well-connected with road facilities so large number of adherent devotees and tourists visit daily for the deity’s blessings for their better personal and professional life.


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The temple is situated on the hills of Nangal – Hambewal road. The temple is around five kilometers away from the Nangal township. In early days there was no road to the temple. People used to go by foot.


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