KATTUVEERA ANJANEYA TEMPLE, Kattuveera Anjaneya Temple, Krishnagiri
KATTUVEERA ANJANEYA TEMPLE, Kattuveera Anjaneya Temple, Krishnagiri

Kattuveera Anjaneya Temple is located at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu is said to be 2500 years old and this Anjaneya here ensures that the one wish which one pray with full devotion is said to come true, within 3 months.

At the counter if one pays Rs.50/- a saffron bag with coconut, betel leaves and coconut is handed to us which has a number written on it and one card containing the same no. Pray for the fulfillment of one wise and along with a dakshina the saffron bag is tied and kept inside the sanctum of Anjaneya where the poojari does a small pooja and hands back to us.

The devotee has to complete 11 rounds of the temple chanting the mantra “sri Ram jai Ram Jai Jai Jai Ram” and once the 11 pradikshna is over then the saffron bag is kept along with the other devotees bags separately for 3 months. It is believed that the one wish which you want to be fulfilled gets fulfilled, and once the wish is fulfilled you are expected to return and claim the saffron bag from the temple.

There is one natural rock formation Nandi which one cannot miss and shows the presence of shiva too here.


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By Air

Nearest Airport is in Bangalore


Devasamuthiram Rd, Devasamuthiram, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu 635001

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099407 31616

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