Langlishwar2-300x225, Langlishwar Temple, Varanasi
Langlishwar2-300x225, Langlishwar Temple, Varanasi

Langlishwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
 After the few batches of Shiv Gans failed to return, Lord Shiva sent few more batches of Shiv Gans from Mandarachal to Kashi. (Regarding deputation of Shiv Gans to Kashi, devotees are requested to refer to Kukkuteshwar Ling).These Shiv Gans also decided to settle down in Kashi and they installed Shiv Lings which came to be known after their names. One Shiv Gan named Langli installed a Shiv Ling and started worshipping Lord Shiva. This Ling came to be known as Langlishwar. Kashi Khand, Chapter 55 states that a devotee who worships Langlishwar will never fall sick and will always remain healthy.

Kashi Khand also advises devotees to make donations to poor people and farmers after worshipping Langlishwar, which will result in accrual of wealth and prosperity to the devotees.


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Langlishwar is located at Ck.28/4 Khowa Gulli Chouraha. Devotees can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and walk on foot to this place via Khatri Medical Hall.

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