Maha-Siddheshwar2-271x300, Maha Siddheshwar Temple, Varanasi
Maha-Siddheshwar2-271x300, Maha Siddheshwar Temple, Varanasi

Maha Siddheshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity: Maha Siddheshwar
Architectural style: Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Varanasi
District:: Varanasi
 Goddess Parvaty wanted to know about various Shiv Lings and deities at several places in Kashi and Lord Shiva was pleased to narrate about such deities (Kashi Khand, Chapter 97).Lord Shiva narrates about Maha Siddheshwar Ling in the vicinity of Siddha Kund. Devotees who worship Maha Siddheshwar will achieve all sorts of Siddhi (divine powers).


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How to Reach:

Mahasiddheshwar (known by local people as Siddheshwar) is located at Goenka College near Abhay Cinema, Assi. People can reach this place either through Assi Cross Road or Durga Kund by rickshaw. There is another Siddheshwar temple located at J-6/85, Jaitpura in the premises of Jwara Hareshwar temple which is also worshipped with all divinity.

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