Shikhi-Chandi-300x225, Mahalakshmi Gauri Temple, Varanasi
Shikhi-Chandi-300x225, Mahalakshmi Gauri Temple, Varanasi

Mahalakshmi Gauri Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Mahalakshmi Gauri
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivalsNavratri
 Please put on the speakers attached to your System and click on the mp3 file above).According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 70, Mahalakshmi is present near Lakshmi Kund.

Devotees should take bath in Lakshmi Kund and worship Mahalakshmi. Devotees have also been advised to perform the rituals for their forefathers and give alms to needy people, whereby they will be blessed by Mahalakshmi.

Kashi Khand states that the entire locality is a Shakti Peeth (seat of vital energy). There are many powerful Devis in the area and of all the Shakti Peeths in Kashi, Mahalakshmi Shakti Peeth is the most powerful.

Devotees who worship Mahalakshmi regularly will attain all kinds of Siddhi (divine powers) and achievements. Mahalakshmi will always reside in their homes. (Here Mahalakshmi is symbolic of wealth and prosperity).

Further, in Chapter 100, Kashi Khand has prescribed Nau Gauri Yatra (religious pilgrimage of nine Gauris) and Mahalakshmi is the ninth Gauri.



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Mahalakshmi is located at D.52/40, Lakshmi Kund. This temple and the locality (Lakshmi Kund) are quite famous and people can approach this place through Luxa by rickshaw.Further Shikhi Chandi Devi (Kashi Khand, Chapter 70), in the back side of  the premises and Mayuri (Chapter 45) on the entrance to the right side are two other Devis which have been mentioned and are present in Mahalakshmi temple.  Devotees may worship these Devis also as they are very powerfu

The temple also houses Ugreshwar Ling which finds mention in Kashi Khand.

There is heavy rush during Fridays and on Navratri days (March-April). While devotees throng this temple on Chaitra Navratri (March-April) on the 9th day, there is generally a huge crowd on practically all days of both Navratris.

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