Paas-Pani2-221x300, Paas Pani Vinayak Temple, Varanasi
Paas-Pani2-221x300, Paas Pani Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Paas Pani Vinayak Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Paas Pani Vinayak
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
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How to Reach:

Paas Pani Vinayak is located at Sadar Bazar. Worshipping this Vinayak will remove obstacles of the devotees and smoothen their lives. In the Cantonment area, if a devotee proceeds on the road where various posh hotels are located, he will come across Radisson, Ideal Towers, Hotel Clarks etc. and JHV Mall. If he proceeds further on the road (known as Cariappa Marg), he will come across a turning to the right where there is an indicator reading “Bheeshma Chandi Devi temple”. Without taking the right turn, if he proceeds further he will come to Paas Pani Vinayak on the right side of the road. There is a stone slab on the road indicating this temple

Types Of Pooja:

The place of worship is open practically throughout and devotees can perform pooja by themselves. Shri Nanhe Choubey and Sujit Kumar Pandey are available at the temple Contact Details

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