Panchavati Anjaneya Temple, Pondicherry
Panchavati Anjaneya Temple, Pondicherry

Not far from Irumbai Shiva Temple stands another shrine that is equally famous, if not more – the Panchavati Anjaneya Temple. As the name indicates, it is a Hanuman temple in Pondicherry and houses a 32 feet tall idol of the presiding deity. Along with this gigantic idol, the splendid temple architecture draws a large number of tourists and followers to this place on a regular basis. The shrine sees a huge footfall of devotees on Saturdays, which is considered to be the ideal day to worship Lord Hanuman.

Sprawling across 12 acres of area, Panchavati Temple, Pondicherry is where you can spend some tranquil moments appreciating the vibe and beauty of the place.


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