2017-03-14, Periya Anjaneyar Temple, Ambur, Vellore
2017-03-14, Periya Anjaneyar Temple, Ambur, Vellore

Periya Anjaneyar Temple, Ambur, Vellore

Date built:
Deity:Periya Anjaneyar, Hanuman
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Address:Periya Anjaneyar Temple,Ambur, Vaniyambadi Taluk,Vellore District
Phone+91 9443390140 / 9443966433
 Periya Anjaneyar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman located in Ambur Town in Vellore District of Tamilnadu. This Temple belonged to Vijayanagara Period and is located in the midst of Ambur Town. Presiding Deity Anjaneyar is found in a posture of stamping his leg on Sani Bhagavan.

Temple Opening Time

The Temple remains open from 6.30 A.M to 11.00 A.M in the mornings and 4.30 P.M to 8.00 P.M in the evenings.


Hanumantha Jayanti is the special festival, which is performed in a great manner in this temple and also all the Saturday’s are said to be special day to visit this place.


Devotees who are much affected by Shani Bhagavan can visit this temple to minimize the ill effects, Marriage, Obstacles in any form and all sincere devotee prayers are answered. If the coconut that is placed for pooja in this temple is taken home and worshipped, it is believed to fulfill one’s wishes.  Devotees who are much affected by Shani can visit this place and lit the Deepam and can do Apprathakshanam (round in anti-clockwise direction) for 9 times This will minimize the effect of Shani on us. And lots of Devotees have found a positive result by visiting this Temple.


Legend / Local stories

The Sthala Puranam (history of the temple) is very interesting. While fighting the demon Ravana to take back the abducted Sita, Lakshmana, brother of Rama is injured in the battle hurt by a missile from Ravana’s son. Jambavan, the bear Advisor, says that he can be rescued by an herb called Sanjeevini. Hanuman is sent back to India to bring the herb. Hanuman sets out to the Himalayas, finds the hill where the herb grows but cannot recognize it. He uproots the entire mountains and returns.

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Meanwhile, Sukracharya, Ravana’s Guru and the preceptor for all Rakshasas (demons) says that he needs to be stopped from returning. Ravana, sends Saturn one of the nine enslaved planets who form the nine steps to his throne to stop Hanuman. Sani (Saturn) accosts Hanuman. Hanuman asks Sani the reason for stopping him from returning. Sani says that he is now under the rule of Ravana and has come to stop Hanuman from proceeding to Sri Lanka. Hanuman places the entire mountain on Sani who is unable to bear the weight. Sani surrenders.

Hanuman then lifts the mountain and crushes Sani under his foot. Sani requests for forgiveness. Hanuman does so under the conditions that Sani is not to impede anyone’s path who chants Rama’s name. Hanuman then returns to Sri Lanka with herb and rest of the story is known. The temple idol of Hanuman here is in the posture of crushing Sani Bhagwan under his foot. This is the history that is told about this temple and a huge sanctum of Hanuman, about 11 feet height with Shani being stamped under his leg.

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How to Reach:

Ambur is located at about 52 Kms from Vellore, 28 Kms from Gudiyattam, 18 Kms from Vaniyambadi, 38 Kms from Tirupattur, 44 Kms from Yelagiri, 30 Kms from Pallikonda and 188 Kms from Chennai. Periya Anjaneyar Temple is located at about 1.4 Kms from Ambur Bus Stand, 1 Km from Ambur Railway Station and 177 Kms from Chennai International Airport. Getting down from the Ambur railway station, this temple can be reached by Auto easily.

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Contact Details

Periya Anjaneyar Temple,
Ambur, Vaniyambadi Taluk,
Vellore District
Phone: +91 4174 243989
Mobile: +91 9443390140 / 9443966433
Email: [email protected]
Email: i[email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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