sai baba temple del
sai baba temple del

Located on Lodhi Road, it is one of the oldest Sai Baba temple in Delhi. The temple is simple yet majestic and if people are to be believed then many testimonies regarding feeling the divine presence of Baba have been recorded since the time the temple was built. The temple has a big idol of Sai Baba that sits in the main hall, where devotees offer chadar and flowers. A sizable population throngs the shrine on Thursdays each week here.


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How to Reach:

These train(s) is/are Klk Snsi Sf Exp (22456) etc. The minimum time a train takes toreach Shirdi from New Delhi is 22h 05m. The cheapest way to reach Shirdi from New Delhi takes you 19h 27m, which is to take train with train number 02634 from New Delhi to Kopargaon then take a taxi from Kopargaon to Shirdi.


17, Lodhi Rd, Gokalpuri, Institutional Area, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

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 011 2462 6516


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