marga1, Shiva Vishnu Temple, Latoor, Kanchipuram
marga1, Shiva Vishnu Temple, Latoor, Kanchipuram

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Latoor, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Deity: Shiva Vishnu
Architectural style: Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Latoor
District:: Kanchipuram
 Shiva Vishnu Temple is located at Latoor, a small village, 3 Kms away from Pavunchur a small town, 20 Kms from Mathuranthagam in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. In this ancient temple Lord Siva is called as Margasagayeswarar and Ambal is called as Maragathamigai. Along with five Koshta shrines, there are separate shrines for Vinayagar, Balamurugan, Nandikeswarar and Anjaneyar.
In the same premises, Sri Aadhikesava Perumal with his consorts Bhama and Rukmini is enshrined adjacent to Sivan Sannadhi. This temple was totally dilapidated and renovated recently. Both Siva and Vishnu temple festivals are celebrated here. Temple sacred pond is also available.


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