Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple, Bokaro,
Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple, Bokaro,

Sri Sri Kalika Maharani Temple in Bokaro in the state of Jharkhand, India is a Hindu temple at Chira Chas, built by Aashiyaan Estate Developers. The temple is spread over half an acre and is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The mini township of Kalika Vihar is named after this temple.


The construction of the temple began in July, 2010. It took less than 3 years to complete the entire structure. The temple was opened to public on July 14, 2012. The temple is situated at Kalika Vihar, Aashiyan Garden, Phase – 3, Chira Chas. Before the foundation was laid, a nine-day Ramayana recital was held, along with a religious ‘Yagna’. On map, the temple can be found at 23.65°N 86.17°E. he temple is famous in Jharkhand and its opening was covered by major newspapers. During excavation of the Foundation in the initial phase of construction, laborers found an Indian Cobra which is considered a good omen, symbolizing Lord Shiva. Legend has it, that Goddess Kali grants the wishes of those, who pray at this temple.





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How to Reach:

To reach the temple, the devotees should travel towards Bokaro Hotel from Patharkata Chowk. Turn left towards Chinmaya School and turn right by Asha Lata Kendra. Devotees should continue on this road, crossing the Chira Chas bridge. One should then travel straight to Chira Chas school and then turn left. After traveling a distance of 30 feet, one should then turn right (by the board of Kalika Vihar Phase -3), and then enter the Aashiyana Garden/Kalika Vihar Phase – 3 campus where the temple is located.

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