2017-01-31 (8), Subramanya Swamy Temple, Thinniyam, Trichy
2017-01-31 (8), Subramanya Swamy Temple, Thinniyam, Trichy

Subramanya Swamy Temple, Thinniyam, Trichy

Date built:
Deity:Subramanya Swamy, Murugan
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Address:Subramanya Swamy Temple,Thinniyam, Trichy District
Phone+91 97877 96736
 Subramanya Swamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan located at Thinniyam Village in Trichy District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is said to date back to the Chola Period and Rajaraja Chola’s sister Kunthavai is believed to have built this temple.


Legend / Local stories

It is believed that Raja Raja Chola’s sister, Kunthavai, desired to construct a temple for Lord Muruga and while moving the idols in a bullock cart, the cart got stuck in the mud and would not move. A decision was then taken by her to build the temple in this place.

This Temple is an east facing Shiva temple where the beautiful and rare south facing Lord Subramanyaswamy (Muruga) is more popular. The entrance is through an arch gate in the south and Lord Muruga is visible from his shrine as you enter. Lord Subramanya with his six faces is sitting on an elegant peacock. His concerts Valli is seated on his left and Devayani is seated on his right. Both of them are seated in their own separate peacock.

To see Lord Muruga, Valli and Devayani in three different peacocks is a unique sight which you can only witness in Thinniyam. Lord Muruga facing south in this temple symbolizes the Lord Dhakshinamoorthy, lord of Knowledge. All are aware Lord Muruga taught the Pranava Tatvam or Brahma Tatvam to Lord Shiva, His own father. So, it is believed worship of Lord Muruga in this temple will bless the youngsters with knowledge and elders with spiritualism and divinity.

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Presiding Deity is called as Koshteeswarar. Lord Shiva is in his Linga form facing the east and another sanctorum for his concert Goddess Brihannayagi facing the south. In this temple you can pray to both Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan at the same time. It is believed worship of lord Shiva and Lord Muruga together will bless the devotees long and healthy life without any illness.

Navagraha Shrine can be found in the outer prakaram, installed differently in Thinniyam Murugan Temple. Auspicious Grahas Moon, Budha, Guru and Sukra are placed in four main direction east, south, west and North facing the Sun. The other four Grahas are placed in South-east, South west, North west and North east facing the Sun. It is believed, worship of Navagraha in this temple will remove all Dosham and obstacle caused by Navagraha.

Shrine of Lord Ganapathi is located in the Ishanya-disha – north-eastern direction in the outer prakaram. Shrines of Idumban, Dakshinamurthy, Sivaloganathar, Oppilambal, Kasi Viswanathar, Bhairava and Surya can be found in this temple.

Families whose family deity is Thinniyam Murugan, visit Murugan temple for Kavadi, shave their heads and you will find the temple bustling with activities often with devotees from all around the world. There are also an ancient Perumal temple and Shiva Temple nearby.

Temple Opening Time

The temple remains open from 6.00 am – 11.00 am and 4.00 pm – 7.30 pm.

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How to Reach:

The Temple is located at about 100 meters from Thinniyam Bus Stop, 4 Kms from Anbil, 11 Kms from Lalgudi, 12 Kms from Thirukkattupalli, 26 Kms from Srirangam and 33 Kms from Trichy. Nearest Railway Stations are Kattur Railway Station (7 Kms) and Trichy Railway Station (37 Kms). Nearest Airport is located at Trichy (38 Kms).

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Contact Details

Subramanya Swamy Temple,
Thinniyam, Trichy District
Mobile: +91 97877 96736

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