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The Sudh Mahadev Temple is about 2400 years old and is situated in Udhampur district and a height of 1225 meters. Like many temples located here, this one too has an interesting legend to it. It is said that once Goddess Parvati was immersed in a deep prayer when a demon called Sudheet who was actually an ardent devotee of Shiva, approached her to pay obeisance. However seeing his demonic built, Parvati got frightened and shrieked. Hearing her shriek that echoed across the valley, Lord Shiva came to her rescue and stabbed Sudheet with his Trishula. While doing so he noticed the demon chant his name. Shiva realized he had killed his devotee and trued to bring him back to life. However, the demon replied that getting killed by the holy hands of Lord Shiva would give him ‘moksh’ or salvation. Hearing this Lord Shiva was so pleased that he announced that henceforth, Sudheet’s name would be taken before his own. And as you might have guessed by now, at the place where Parvati was worshipping, a shivling came to be known as Sudhaahadev. What a legend that was. Even today, you will find this shivling and the trishula housed at the Sudh Mahandev Temple. Also , the temple has this eternal flame called ‘dhooni’ which is supposedly burning since Baba Dhoop Nath resided here. The temple is by the banks of River Devak and this adds all the more to its mystic.


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After taking a bath in the Dewak Nadi, the pilgrims worship Lord Shiva and Parvati in the Temple. After worshipping Gauri Kund, the pilgrims go to Gaukaran, about 0.5Kms from Sudhmahadev. Then they climb up another 2 Kms of mountaineous area to reach another sacred place ‘Nada’.


Sudhmahadev, Jammu and Kashmir 182141

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