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Kanakadhāra Stotram

The Kanakadhāra Stotram is a hymn of Hindu devotional literature, composed by the Indian sage Adi Shankaracharya. The hymn is a prayer to the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. The hymn is considered to be very powerful and is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to those who recite […]

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Lakshmi Amman Temple, Chinnakavanam, Thiruvallur

Lakshmi Amman Temple, Chinnakavanam, Thiruvallur Date built: – Deity: Lakshmi Architectural style: Dravidian architecture Major festivals – Locale: Chinnakavanam District:: Thiruvallur Address: – Phone – Original Source: Architecture Legend / Local stories Photo Gallery How to Reach: Lakshmi Amman Temple is a Hindu Temple located at Chinnakavanam Village near Ponneri Town in Thiruvallur District of […]

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Maha Lakshmi Stotram

Maha Lakshmi Stotram Translated by P.R.Ramachander (Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth. Wealth does not mean only money or assets in Hinduism. It has several aspects. Goddess Lakshmi divides herself into several such aspects to grace the devotee. This prayer is to 15 such aspects of Goddess Lakshmi.) Adhi Lakshmi namosthesthu, Para brahma swaroopini, Yaso dehi, […]