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Shri Bhuteshwar Mahadev, Mathura

Bhuteshwar Mahadev, one out of many names of Lord Shiv. Bhuteshwar Mahadev which literally means The Lord of Ghosts! The four ancient deities of lord shiva residing at Mathura are known as dik-palas, protectors of directions; Butheshwar Mahadev is the Protector of the western side among the four. The deity of Lord Shiva is amazing […]

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Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla

Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla Date built: – Deity: – Architectural style: – Major festivals – Locale: – District:: Tambdi Surla Address: Near Bhagwan Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctury, Sanguem, Surla, Goa 403406 Phone – The Mahadev temple of Tambdi Surla is the oldest temple of Goa, that survived from the Portuguese as it was set next to […]