Tarkulha Devi Temple, Tarkulha Devi Temple, Gorakhpur
Tarkulha Devi Temple, Tarkulha Devi Temple, Gorakhpur

The Tarkulha Devi Temple is a famous place for devotees of Hindu religion. Tarkulaha Devi was the Ishta Devi of freedom fighter Senani Babu Bandhu Singh. On the eve of Chaitra Ramnavmi a one month large fair is organized every year.
Tarkulha Devi Temple is one of the major attractions near Chauri Chaura. This Temple is located around 5 kilometers from Chauri Chaura. The temple has been historically associated with the great freedom fighter Shaheed Bandhu Singh. There is also a memorial built to honour Shaheed Bandhu Singh.
He used to fight British with Gurilla war technique. There is a saying that he used to sacrifice heads of enemies in the Tarkulha Devi Temple. Finally he was arrested by British and hanged publicly at Ali Nagar Chauraha in Gorakhpur on 12th August 1857. People say that 7 times the hangman was unable to hang him due to rope breaking every time by grace of Tarkulha Devi. It was successful only at 8th time when Bandhu Singh prayed Mata Tarkulha Devi.


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How to Reach:

By Air

Gorakhpur is the nearest airport to reach Tarkulha Devi Temple.

By Train

To reach Tarkula Devi Temple one can take train upto Chaurichaura from Deoria or Gorakhpur.

By Road

Buses and Taxi are available from Gorakhpur or Deoria or ChauriChaura to reach Tarkulha devi temple


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