thiru2, Thiruvandeeswarar Temple, Thiruvanthavar, Kanchipuram
thiru2, Thiruvandeeswarar Temple, Thiruvanthavar, Kanchipuram

Thiruvandeeswarar Temple, Thiruvanthavar, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
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 Thiruvandeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Thiruvanthavar Village in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. The fact that this temple was built about 2500 years ago has been engraved in the inscriptions in this Temple. The presiding deity in this temple is Lord Shri Thiruvandeeswarar and the Goddess is Shri Maragadambigai. The left foot of the Goddess is set forward depicting that she was ready to grace the devotees who devoutly pray to her.  Lord Sri Muruga’s idol in this Temple is carved out of a single stone.
Thousand eyes are not enough to witness the Glory of this Lord giving darshan with his two consorts Valli and Devasena. There are many inscriptions in this Temple. Most of them have been imprinted. The Temple is in a very dilapidated condition. This ancient sacred temple has to be renovated. This temple is considered to be a very significant place for restitution (parikaram). This temple is specially considered to have sacred medicinal value for people with low mental growth or mental problems. This is exemplified by the Brahmahatthi idol that stands similar to the one at Thiruvidaimarudur.
On the Chengalpet Tindivanam National Highway, about two kilometers away from Mamandur, in a place called Pukkathurai, if you travel about two kilometers on the Uthiramerur road, there is a small village called Natarajapuram. On reaching here, take a right turn to the Sirupinayoor road and go about four kilometres to reach a village called Thirvandavaar or reach the Salavakkam Coot Road about three kilometres from the Natarajapuram village and reach the temple by an Auto from there, else take an Auto from Pukkathurai to reach the temple. You can reach Thirvandavaar by taking the bus (Route No. 80) plying between Chengalpet and Kancheepuram.


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