Vaitheeswaran Temple, Pillaipakkam, Kanchipuram

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Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
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 Vaitheeswaran Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Pillaipakkam village in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding deity is known as Vaitheeswaran and Mother is known as Thaiyal Nayagi.


Legend / Local stories

Once, the son of the temple’s Archagar was bitten by a snake and the Archagar put him in front of the Lord and prayed to him. The Lord then came in the form of a cow and licked the part of the boy which was bitten by the snake. He got cured and thus the Lord Vaitheeswaran’s curing power came to light. The village was then known as “Pillai Nakkiya Pakkam” and became Pillaipakkam later.

This Temple is a Pallava era temple renovated later by Paranthaka Chola II (Sundara Chola). The temple was destroyed by the invasion of Golkonda Nawab around 550 years back and renovated in 1977 by Sri Namachivaya Chettiar of this village.

The temple is called as Vada Vaitheeswaran Temple. The vimanam is Gajaprashta Style. Presiding deity is known as Vaitheeswaran and Mother is known as Thaiyal Nayagi. Lord Dakshinamoorthy is very special here and called as Kala Dakshinamoorthy. He is seen with Sulaayutham and Nagabaranam and so he is considered to relieve people from Naga Dhosham. Kala Bairavar is present. As a special feature, Chandikeshwari also present along with Chandikeswarar.

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Pillaipakkam is located at about 3 kms from the Bangalore highway en route Manimangalam.

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