Vasishteshwar2-300x225, Vashishteshwar Temple, Varanasi
Vasishteshwar2-300x225, Vashishteshwar Temple, Varanasi

Vashishteshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
 Kashi Khand, Chapter 18 mentions that various Lings have been installed in the holy city of Kashi by great Rishis (Sages). It is worth mentioning here that on account of intense prayers to the Lords, the Sages have attained divine powers. Sage Vashisht has installed this Ling.A devotee who worships Vashishteshwar Ling in the Shokavan Forest will reach the Prajapati Lok after death (Prajapati Lok is considered to be that part of heaven where intellectuals reside). Kashi Khand mentions Varuna River in reference to Vashishteshwar Ling.


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There are two places where Vashishteshwar Ling is supposed to be located. One is trans Varuna, after Varuna Sangam. Other Ling is at Ck.7/161, Sankata Ghat. According to locals, the second one is worshipped as Vashishteshwar. People can travel upto Chowk by rickshaw and walk upto this place by foot via Sankata Devi temple which is a famous landmark. Alternatively, they can take a boat ride upto Sankata Ghat and walk up the steps.

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