kalla1, Venugopalaswamy Temple, Mugaiyur, Kanchipuram
kalla1, Venugopalaswamy Temple, Mugaiyur, Kanchipuram

Venugopalaswamy Temple, Mugaiyur, Kanchipuram

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
 Venugopalaswamy Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Vishnu located at Mugaiyur Village near Kalpakkam in Kanchipuram District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Venugopalaswamy and Mother is known as Suntharavadivu. Mugaiyur has 10 temples on the whole. Until 1985, fishermen here mistook the stone idol of the Lord as ordinary stone and started fishing from here. Also workers here blew the coconut husks for making threads on the back of the Lord, thinking that it was a stone.
The Lord was in an inverted position and the folk had no idea that it was the Lord. One gifted personality, on suspicion moved the stone idol upwards. Only then it was realised that it is Venugopalaswamy alias Kallazhagar. Like in Madurai, here Kallazhagar is sitting on the back of a horse. The other temples in this small town are Vishnu Durgai, Vanchiamman, Muthumariamman, Muthalamman, Baraniamman, and Gangaiamman.
Jalakandeswarar temple is situated in a grave. Mugaiyur is situated in ECR road, 15 KM from Kalpakkam towards Pondicherry. Koovathur, a small town on ECR road is just 5 KM from Mugaiyur, from where share autos are available.


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