VIMALESHWAR2-300x225, Vimaleshwar Temple, Varanasi
VIMALESHWAR2-300x225, Vimaleshwar Temple, Varanasi

Vimaleshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity: Vimaleshwar
Architectural style: Hindu Temple architecture
Major festivals
Locale: Varanasi
District:: Varanasi
 According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 69, the place where Lord Shiva wore the skin of Gajasur after slaying the latter, was called Rudra Vasam. (Kindly refer to Krithi Vaseshwar).Once the Lord, in his form as Krithi Vaseshwar, was sitting alongwith Goddess Uma Devi when Nandi offered his prayers and stated that there are 68 places of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva in this holy place. Various idols/Shiv Lings have been brought from several other places by Nandi and installed in Kashi.

In the vicinity of Swarleeneshwar, devotees can find Vimaleshwar. Devotees who worship this Ling will attain Siddhi (divine powers). In the present day parlance, the devotees will be highly respected and be capable of meeting various challenges.


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How to Reach:

Vimaleshwar is located at A.10/47, Naya Mahadeo, Prahlad Ghat. Local devotees know this Ling by the name of Neelkant Mahadeo. People can travel upto Prahlad Ghat Chauraha (cross-road) by rickshaw, take a right turn to reach this place.

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