Yamai Devi, Ahmednagar

The Jagdamba Mata temple in Rashin comes in the Taluka Karjat in the district of Ahmednagar. The temple is to the east of Pune at a distance of 114 km. This is a very ancient temple well known for the Yamai and Tukai Deity, the Avatar Swarup of Mata Renuka. Rashin Devi is the Kuldevta of many people in Maharashtra. At present no known and detailed scripts or books are available giving more information of the place except for the locally published book in Marathi known as the “Shri Jagdamba Mata Rashin Charitra” which has been formulated by the devi bhaktas in Rashin. This book is available at Rashin with the Gurav Pujari of Rashin. As mentioned in the book, the legend behind the sthapana of the devi mandir in Rashin goes like this.

As per the original legend in the Skanda Puran our beloved earth mother was being ruled over by dytyas and unholy powers. Everywhere it was the rule of adharm, torture and brutal killings of innocent people. Even the gods in the heaven were left helpless and powerless over the situation. With the rule of the daityas there was no faith, no sadachar rather the Brahmins, innocents creatures, and beings were made to live a miserable torturous life. The mukya diatya among these was the daitya named “Rakta Beej”.


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