Aami-Mandir, Aami Mandir, saran, Bihar
Aami-Mandir, Aami Mandir, saran, Bihar

Aami Mandir, saran, Bihar

Date built:Dwapar Yuga
Deity: Maa Ambika Bhawani
Architectural style:
Major festivalsDurga Puja, Aami Mela,Shivaratri

Aami temple, also known as Maa Ambika Sthan is a temple, where the presiding deity is Maa Ambika Bhawani, also known as Parvati, Gauri, Durga, is a Hindu Goddess. She is the mild aspect of Mahadevi, who in Hindu mythology known as the great Goddess. The deity is considered to be the whole personification of Adi Parashakti, with all other deities being her manifestations or incarnations.This holy place is situated in Bihar’s Chapra District in the city Aami village. The name of the town is originated from the temple.

In the Ami village, there is an ancient place of worship, which is called ‘Amba Asthan’. Close to the shrine there is a garden along with a deep & wide well that remains filled with water throughout the year. The well never dries up according to people. The worshippers from far flung areas pay a visit to the Yagna Kunda over this place. The devotees come here to pay their reverence to Goddess in Navaratra of April & October. Water offered by numeral devotees in the Kunda gets disappeared.

There is a belief associated with the temple is that one who worships over here, his/her wishes get fulfilled by the Goddess. Hence in Dussehra, worshippers from different places gather here to obtain the divine blessing.There is also a small town around 3 km from Ambika Asthan, ‘Dighwara’. Previously it was supposed to be known as ‘Dirgh-dwara’, the main gate, which was the chief gate of King Daksh’s yagna area.

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