tamreswari, Tamresari Temple, Dibrugarh, Assam
tamreswari, Tamresari Temple, Dibrugarh, Assam

Tamresari Temple, Dibrugarh, Assam

Date built:15th century
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Tamresari temple, also known as Kesai khaiti Temple, is situated about 18 km away from Sadiya in Dibrugarh district now Tinsukia district, Assam, India. The temple was worshiped by Deoris. It is the remains of an old temple built by the Chutiyas in the 15th century.The original Assamese word is Kesaikhaiti (kesa means raw and khaiti means eat), refers to a semi-pre-Hindu Goddess, a version of Goddess Kali, who accepts offerings of raw meat, hence the name .The wall and doors of the temple were well designed with beautiful works. There were two giant elephant sculptures with silver tusks at the main door. The walls were made without any mortar.The temple roof was made of copper(tam in assamese), that’s why it is called Tamreswari. The whole temple was surrounded with brick walls and on the western wall there was a place for human sacrifice.



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