Agni Dhruveshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Deity:Agni Dhruveshwar
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals

Kashi Khand, Chapter 100 states that devotees should undertake religious tour (Yatra) of eleven Shiv Lings. This Yatra is known as Ekadasha Maha Rudra Yatra. (Ekadasha means eleven).

Agni Dhruveshwar Ling is the first Ling in the above Yatra. This Yatra should be undertaken as often as possible.
Devotees who worship Agni Dhruveshwar will attain Rudra Padavi (equivalent to Lord Rudra – Lord Shiva).


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How to Reach:

Agni Dhruveshwar is also known as Jageshwar Mahadev and is located at J.66/4, Ishwar Gangi. (Reference: Book by Pt. Kedarnath Vyas). People can reach this place by rickshaw or auto as Ishwar Gangi/Jageshwar temple is quite famous. Another landmark is Adarsh School. Agni Dhruveshwar (Jageshwar) Ling is a very huge Ling and probably the biggest Ling ever seen. This can be judged by the height of the man standing near the Ling.

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