Rigyaling Gomp

Rigyaling Gompa is situated at a distance of 1-km from Tawang township. The former Rigya Rinpoche constructed the gompa. After his death, Changsey, the secretary took charge of the gompa. The re-incarnated Rigya Rinpoche, Rev. Tenzin Tsethar is presently in South-India, completing his education. This gompa is surrounded by a thick covering of trees planted … Read more Rigyaling Gomp

Malinithan temple (or Akashganga temple)

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the temple located 12-km from Malinithan in West Siang district is a popular pilgrim spot for devotees across India. Sporting a classical Odisha-style of architecture, this place gets number of gifts from devotees to their Goddess for fulfillingtheir wishes. Prayers are recited at the sanctum pleading for happiness to the families. … Read more Malinithan temple (or Akashganga temple)

Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Den)

Taktsang (Tak-Tsang) Gompa or T-Gompa, 50 km from Tawang, is oneof the holiest Buddhist shrines of Arunachal. Standing amidst high mountains, its sanctity is credited to Padmasambhava, the maverick missionary who brought Buddhism to Tibet. Popular legends speak of him as a miracle-maker. When Buddhism swept over Tibet, Padmasambhava was deified as an incarnation of … Read more Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Den)