The history of the famous Kallapalem Ballasulamma temple. Kallapalem is a small village in the Kalidindi Mandal of Krishna District in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The incident happened back 400 years. The northern part of an Indian family of Ramannna with two sons Pedda Ramanna and China Ramanna were living together. Cattle raising was their profession. The Pedda veranna is soft and China veranna is a playboy. China Ramanna had a relationship with a Lambadi girl and this news spread to Lambadi society. They threatened to kill the Ramanna family. In fear of death the Ramanna family moved with their cattle toward southern part of India. On the way they met with Goddess Ballasulamma and she asked them to carry with them. The Ramanna requested the goddess that he cannot effort to carry her or offer food. 


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