Balmikeshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
 Lord Shiva was describing the importance of Trilochan Ling (Kashi Khand, Chapter 75) and in the process there is mention of several other Shiv Lings in the vicinity of Trilochan.

In the vicinity of Trilochan is one big Shiv Ling is known as Balmikeshwar. Devotees who worship Balmikeshwar will be free from all worries and despair.


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Balmikeshwar is located in Trilochaneshwar Temple premises at A-2/80, Trilochan Ghat. The temple is approachable from Machhodari after crossing which devotees can travel upto Birla Hospital and take a right turn. Devotees can travel by Auto or Cycle Rickshaw. Alternatively, they can have a boat ride upto Trilochan Ghat and climb the steps.

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