Bhadreshwar Temple, Varanasi

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Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
 Goddess Parvaty requested Lord Shiva to describe various Teerths (sacred ponds/lakes) and deities in Kashi. Lord Shiva told her all Lings are replete with the divine powers of Teerths.Towards the north of Aswiniyeshwar there is a Kund called Bhadrahritam which is filled with cow’s milk.  By taking bath in this Kund, a devotee gets the benefits equivalent to giving donary (A thing given to a sacred use) of 1000 cows to an eligible person. On Poornima days when Poorva Bhadrapad star combines (Poorattati in Tamil), this place attains importance. A devotee should take bath in the above Kund and worship Bhadreshwar Ling situated nearby and he will certainly reach heaven after death. (Kashi Khand Chapter 97). The kund, however, is no longer in existence. 


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The temple is located at House No. Ck.2/4, Patani Tola, Bhosala Ghat, Varanasi. One can travel upto Chowk by Cycle Rickshaw and walk to this place via Sankata Devi Temple (famous landmark). Alternatively, devotees can approach the place by boat upto Bhosala Ghat and climb up the steps.

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