Becharaji, Mehsana
Becharaji, Mehsana

Becharaji, Mehsana

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Becharaji or Bahucharaji is a temple town and taluka capital in Mehsana district of Gujarat state, India. The town is associated with Hindu goddess Bahuchara Mata worshipped as Bala. It is one of the three Shakti Peethasworshipped in Gujarat, the other being Ambaji and Pavagadh. The town’s name is derived from Bahuchar Mata or Bahucharaji Mata, a popular deity or ‘Devi’ of Hindus. Earlier this town was a small village. Although, it is still a Gram Panchayat. Its development is mainly due to temple of Bahuchara Mata. Another reason for its development is the fact it was declared as Taluka Place or Taluka Panchayat and centre for shopping for peripheral villages. For the development of temple of Bahuchar Mata, Sayajirao Gaekwad extended the Gaekwar’s Baroda State Railway (GBSR) that was under the control of his state up to Becharaji.The Temple of Bahuchara Mata is located in mid Bechraji town. It is 110 km from Ahmedabad and 35 km west of Mahesana. The main temple fort and gate was built by Manajirao Gakewad in Samvat 1839 or 1783 AD when he was Suba of Kadi. He gave 3 villages for the maintenance of the temple. These villages were subsequently taken over and Rs. 10,500/- per year was paid towards maintenance, which is merged and is now under Government control. For the development of this temple Sayajirao Gaekwad extended the GBSR railway that was under the control of his state up to Becharaji.

The centre temple was built by Maratha Fadanvesh. It has been renovated. Learned Saint Kapildev built the varakahdi temple and was then renovated by Kalari king Tejpal. That temple too has been again renovated.

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On night of every Punam (15 th day of the month as per Vikram Samvat calendar) and on 8th day of Aso sud and Chaitri sud police with arms pay Guard of Honour to Mataji’s procession. It is also considered as important place for the ‘Hijras (Eunuchs)’.

The origin of Bahuchra Mata is situated at Varakhdiwala temple in Bechraji. Bhakta Vallabha Dhola wrote in his Aanand no Garbo mentioned that the original place of Bahuchra Mata is situated at between Sankhalpur and Dedana village. Toda Mata (Bahuchara Mata) is located in Sankhalpur. Shri Toda Bahuchar Maa (Bahuchar Mataji Pragatya Sthal) is located in Sankhalpur about 2km far, northerly to the town. The temple is equally big and nice.


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Becharaji town is small in area. Earlier, it was divided in two parts, namely, Upali Bajaar (Upper Market) and Nichali Bajaar (Lower Market). However, now it is developing at rapid pace and many new complexes are being developed, like ‘Dayanand Complex’. There are many dharamshalas in the town. Apart from this, many shops of different commodities are found there. “Becharaji APMC” and “Becharaji Taluka Kharid-Vechan Sangh or Becharaji Taluka Purchase-sales Union” are situated in the town. [State Bank Of India] and “Mehsana District Cooperative Bank” are having their branches in the town. Most of the hotels and restaurants are situated on the highway.

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