अधर्मं धर्ममिति या मन्यते तमसावृता |

सर्वार्थान्विपरीतांश्च बुद्धि: सा पार्थ तामसी ||

adharmaṁ dharmam iti yā manyate tamasāvṛitā
sarvārthān viparītānśh cha buddhiḥ sā pārtha tāmasī



हे अर्जुन! जो तमोगुण से घिरी हुई बुद्धि अधर्म को भी ‘यह धर्म है’ ऐसा मान लेती है तथा इसी प्रकार अन्य संपूर्ण पदार्थों को भी विपरीत मान लेती है, वह बुद्धि तामसी है॥32॥


That intellect which is shrouded in darkness, imagining irreligion to be religion, and perceiving untruth to be the truth, is of the nature of ignorance.


English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya’s Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

18.32 O Partha, sa, that; buddhih, intellect; tamasi, is born of tamas; ya, which; tamasavrta, being covered by darkness; manyate, considers, understands; adharmam, vice, what is prohibited; iti, as; dharmam, virtue, what is prescribed; and ca, verily; perceives sarvarthan, all things, all objects of knowledge without exception; viparitan, contrary to what they are.