बुद्ध्या विशुद्धया युक्तो धृत्यात्मानं नियम्य च |

शब्दादीन्विषयांस्त्यक्त्वा रागद्वेषौ व्युदस्य च || 51||

buddhyā viśhuddhayā yukto dhṛityātmānaṁ niyamya cha
śhabdādīn viṣhayāns tyaktvā rāga-dveṣhau vyudasya cha



विशुद्ध बुद्धि से युक्त तथा हलका, सात्त्विक और नियमित भोजन करने वाला, शब्दादि विषयों का त्याग करके एकांत और शुद्ध देश का सेवन करने वाला, सात्त्विक धारण शक्ति के (इसी अध्याय के श्लोक 33 में जिसका विस्तार है)


Endowed with a pure intellect, controlling the self by firmness, relinishing sound and other objects and abandoning attraction and hatred.


English Translation Of Sri Shankaracharya’s Sanskrit Commentary By Swami Gambirananda

18.51 Yuktah, being endowed; buddhya, with an intellect-which is identical with the faculty of determination; visuddhaya, pure, free from maya (delusion); and niyamya, controlling, subduing; atmanam, oneself, the aggregate of body and organs; dhrtya, with fortitude, with steadlines; tyaktva, rejecting; visayan, the objects; sabdadin, beginning from sound -from the context it follows that ‘rejecting the objects’ means rejecting all things which are meant for pleasure and are in excess of those meant only for the mere maintenance of the body; and vyudasya, eliminating; raga-dvesau, attachment and hatred with regard to things which come to hand for the maintenance of the body-.