Bhand Devra Tem
Bhand Devra Tem

Rajasthan is a place of wonders and there are many wonderful things are there which you can explore at this state. Among many palaces, forts and architectures there are a good number of temples spread across the various cities and districts and due to the presence of these temples Rajasthan makes a good place for a religious trip also.

The temple of Bhand Deva or Bhand Devra is an ancient temple of Rajasthan dedicated to Lord Shiva.but the temple is exclusive famous for its architecture as the temple is known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan because of its architecture and stone carvingsThe Bhand Deva Temple is beautifully nestled on the banks of a pond in the central part of the Ramgarh crater which is located in the city of Baran, and believed to be probably created by a meteor. Baran District is situated in Kota and the temple is having a strong history that drags more and more religious devotees to this temple.


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