Bharati_Matha_Temple_View (1), Bharati Matha Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Bharati_Matha_Temple_View (1), Bharati Matha Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Bharati Matha Temple, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Date built:11th century AD
Architectural style:Kalinga architecture
Major festivals
Address:Near Bindu Sagar Temple, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751002
Phone 07504300961

Bharati Matha Temple is a temple of the Hindu God Siva in Bhubaneswar Orissa, India, The temple is a Hindu monastery with three stories which was built in the 11th century AD. It is currently used for living Matha purposes and earlier it was used as a Hindu pilgrimage centre.The Bharati Matha Temple is dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva however the primary deity installed in the temple is of Lord Vishnu. Hence people from both the sects of Hinduism worship in the temple. The Bharati Matha Temple is situated in the old town of Bhubaneswar city of the Indian state of Orissa now known as Odisha. Bhubaneswar is popularly known as the temple city of India which houses the most number of Hindu temples especially dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The construction of the Bharati Matha dates back to the 12th century by Yajati Kesari who also constructed the famous Lingaraja Temple in Bhubaneswar. The Matha or the monastery was built as residents for the artisans of the beautiful Lingaraj Temple. There was called from far off places so were given a house to live in until the Lingaraj Temple was finished. Later its work as a monastery was over it was converted into a very holy temple of Lord Shiva. Having links with Lingaraj a myth tells us that that during the celebration of Prathamasthami Lord Lingaraj comes every time to visit his uncle in the temple.The Bharati Matha is not an exception from the Kalinga style architecture commonly seen in Bhubaneshwar. The technique used to build the temple is masonry type. The height of the monument measure 26 metres. The Temple is facing toward the western side and is made up of coarse grey sandstone. It is a three storied structure and measures at height of 11.50 metres. The Bharati Matha Temple is square in shape occupying and area of 26 square metres. The temple is built on an elevated platform of 1.50 metres with seven mouldings. There are three living rooms measuring 6.15 by 3.45 metres. The temple is surrounded by a wall having a height of 2.52 metres.

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The temple is simple with no extreme decorations but has Doorjamb with a length of 8.84 metres and 0.35 metres thick. It has a height of 1.70 metres. The wall of the temple encloses a courtyard but the temple is not well maintained. There is an urgent need for restoration as these historical monuments form a pride from the past.

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Bharati Matha is located in the Badheibanka Chowk, Old Town Bhubaneswar. One can approach the Matha on the left side of Ratha road leading from Lingaraja to Ramesvara Goswami is the present Mahanta of the Matha. It is one of the oldest Hindu monasteries of Bhubaneswar. The Matha is surrounded by Ratha road in east, Jamesvara Patna road in south, private buildings in north and Bhrukutesvara temple in west.The Matha is facing towards the west.

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