Bhagabati-Temple-Balugaon-Khurda, Bhagabati Temple, Banapur, Odisha
Bhagabati-Temple-Balugaon-Khurda, Bhagabati Temple, Banapur, Odisha

Bhagabati Temple, Banapur, Odisha

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District:: Banapur
Address: Banapur, Odisha 752031
Phone 09951482106

The temple of the goddess Bhagabati, the presiding deity of the Indian town Banapur has earned celebrity as a centre of religious activities.Once Banapur was the capital of the Sailodhvaba dynasty, responsible for the construction of the early group of temples at Bhubaneswar. The large number of Buddhist images discovered at Banapur relate the place to the Vajrayana cult of Buddhism.


Legend / Local stories

Bhagabati,the presiding deity of Banapur,is one of the twelve famous Saktipithas as as mentioned by sarala dasa in his Odia Mahabharat. The Present temple and his Jagamohana are said to have been constructed by the Gajapati Maharaja of Puri.

The Teample stands on the Edge of a deep pool within a high enclose wall.Temple and Jagamohana are built in Pidha Order and thickly plastered with lime mortar later a newpillared mandap has been added to the front of jagamohana for convenience of the devotees.
The niches of the inner wall of the Compound Contain loose scuptures of Ganesha,Kartikeya And Parvati And Chamunda.An image of Mahisamardini Durga locally known as Bhagabati Is worshiped in the sanctum of the main temple.

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