Budhimai, Vaishali
Budhimai, Vaishali

Budhi Mai is a village in the Vaishali district, Bihar, India. It is a tourist destination with a rich a cultural and of historical heritage, and is a place of worship The Budhi Mai Temple is situated in Vaishali, Haruli, Ismailpur, near the State Bank of India, Lalganj Road, Vaishali. Budhi Mai Fair/Mela ) is held in the month of July and August on Budhi Mai Campus,attracting visitors  from all over Bihar


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How to Reach:

  1. Air: The nearest airport is Patna (70 Kms).
  2. Rail: Hajipur on the north eastern railway station (35 Kms) from Muzaffarpur Railway station (40 Kms).
  3. Road: Vaishali is well connected by road to Patna (56 Kms), Muzaffarpur (36 Kms) and Hazipur (35 Kms).
  4. Local Transport: Taxis and Buses are available.


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