Lal Keshwar Shiv Temple, Bihar

Date built:5 Aug 2015
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Locale:Bagmusha, Hajipur
The Lal Keshwar Shiv Mandir is a Hindu Temple in the city of Hajipur, Bihar, India. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is located at Bagmusha(Hajipur), Vaishali As per local folklore, it is said to have been in existence since ancient period and Lord Shiva is believed to be in the form of Lingam here. Apart from anthropomorphic images of Shiva, the worship of Shiva in the form of a lingam, or linga, is also important. The worship of the Shiva-Linga originated from the famous hymn in the Atharva-Veda Samhitâ sung in praise of the Yupa-Stambha, the sacrificial post.



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