2017-1dgf0-23, Chinthamaneeswarar Temple, Karungali, Thiruvallur
2017-1dgf0-23, Chinthamaneeswarar Temple, Karungali, Thiruvallur

Chinthamaneeswarar Temple, Karungali, Thiruvallur

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
Address:Chinthamaneeswarar Temple,Karungali, Thiruvallur District
Phone+91 98402 14130
 Chinthamaneeswarar Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Karungali near Pulicat in Thiruvallur District of Tamilnadu. Karungali is also called as Kattur. Lord Shiva of this Temple is family deity for the local fishing community and Chitra Pournami is celebrated in a grand manner. The temple occupies between the river Kosasthalaiyar river and Sea without any human habitation. The speciality of this temple is that, it has sea in the front side, a river behind it and forest on the other side. It is a very rare sight to see a temple amidst such a natural setting.

This place is worth visiting for its picturesque location and uniqueness in spite of distance and bad roads. Lord Shiva has 5 faces; Isanam, Thatpurusham, Vaamadevam, Sathyojaatham and Agoram. There are 5 ancient Shiva temples on the banks of Kosasthalaiyar (Brahmaranya River) representing the 5 faces of Lord Shiva and this is one of them representing the Agora face of Lord Shiva. The other 4 being Ramagiri Vaaleeswarar (Isanam), Suruttuppalli Pallikondeeswarar (Thatpurusham), Arani (near Periyapalayam) Sampangi Pichaaleeswarar (Vaamadevam) and Ariyathurai Varamoortheeswarar (Sathyojaatham).


Legend / Local stories

As per the legend, there lived a Rishi (Saint) by name Sattai Muni who performed Thapas (penance) in this place on the banks of Brahmaranya River. It is said that he formed this temple and worshipped Lord Shiva here.

It is an ancient temple built by Chola Kings. After the demise of the Chola kingdom this temple had been abandoned and buried under beach sand dunes for many centuries. The temple was discovered by the local people when it’s Kalasam emerged out. The temple has been excavated fully now and rejuvenated to its old glory. According to the inscriptions, the temple is over 1300 years old.

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How to Reach:

The Temple is located at about 9 Kms from Pulicat, 24 Kms from Kattur, 17 Kms from Thirupalaivanam, 28 Kms from Ponneri, 34 kms from Minjur, 78 Kms from Tiruvallur and 63 Kms from Chennai.

By Road:

Reach Pulicat Village from Ponneri, cross over the new bridge and drive along the lighthouse road to reach Karungali temple. This is desolate area and not advisable to go after 5 pm, in fact it is better to go in the morning. Temple is not open always. Metal road is there but in some areas shifting sand could cover the road and you could get struck badly.

Alternatively, to reach Karungali one has to take the road from Minjur towards Pazhaverkadu (Pulicat). After crossing about 10 Kms from Minjur one can reach a village by name ‘Kattur’. Take right turn from Kattur and drive about 5 Kms (bad and sandy road amidst many salt lakes) to reach the banks of the river Arani.

After reaching the river Arani, one has to take a boat to cross the river and the temple is on the other side of Arani river, which is Karungali village. There is only one boat available and sometimes we have to wait for some time for the boat man to arrive. He charges Rs. 10/- for an up and down trip which takes hardly 5 minutes for each way. Alternatively, to reach the temple by road one can also take the Ennore Port Road, which will lead to this temple.

By Train:

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The Temple is located at about 28 Kms from Ponneri Railway Station and 33 Kms from Minjur Railway Station.

By Air:

The Temple is located at about 74 Kms from Chennai International A

Temple Opening Time

Only one Kaala pooja is undertaken here at this temple (from 9.00 AM -12 Noon). Temple is open in the afternoon on Pradhosha days though.


Chithra Pournami (Full moon day in the Thamizh month of Chithirai) is very popular here in this temple. People from neighboring villages and also from other places throng here in the night of Chithra Pournami, prepare Pongal and offer to the Lord and worship Chinthamaneeswarar here. It is said that the entire place will be filled with people and everyone will be staying overnight on the sands during that night to get their wishes fulfilled. Sri Chinthamaneeswarar is the Kuladeivam (family God) for the fishermen in this village. Also, the people of this village worship the Lord here by preparing Pongal at the temple, like how it is done in Amman temple in villages. It is very rare and unusual to see this type of worship in Shiva temples.


This temple is considered equivalent to Kasi (Varanasi) and Rameshwaram as it lies both on the sea shore and the banks of a holy river. Performing annual rites to the ancestors during Amavasya (No Moon) and Pournami (Full Moon) days here is considered equal to that of performing them in Kasi or Rameswaram. Many people visit here to do the annual rites to their ancestors. It is also believed that the Lord grant their wishes who worship him here and stay overnight during Pournami days.

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Contact Details

Chinthamaneeswarar Temple,
Karungali, Thiruvallur District
Mobile: +91 98402 14130

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