Chitrangadeshwar Temple, Varanasi

Date built:
Architectural style:Dravidian architecture
Major festivals
 Kashi Khand has attached much importance to Kedareshwar Ling. (Please refer to Kedareshwar temple). According to Kashi Khand, Chapter 77, towards the north of Kedareshwar is Chitrangadeshwar Ling.Devotees who worship Chitrangadeshwar will enjoy their daily life in heaven. In other words, they will reach heaven after death, which is for sure.

According to old timers, this is a powerful Ling and devotees will find happiness and joy in their life.


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How to Reach:

Chitrangadeshwar is located adjacent to B-14/118, near Kedar Ghat Post Office, Kedar Ghat, Varanasi. Devotees can reach Kedareshwar temple by rickshaw and proceed on foot towards Kedar Ghat Post Office. This temple falls on the left side just before the clinic of Dr. R.C. Kowdi.

The temple houses one Devi, known as Chitragreeva Devi which finds mention in Kashi Khand, Chapter 70.

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